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Portable Water Flosser

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The Sonic Stream features

  • Removes the build up of harmful bacteria between teeth
  • 29% more effective than string flossing*
  • 3 cleaning modes + 3 cleaning tips
  • Dentist fresh clean every time
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Product Description

  • ✓ Removes the build up of harmful bacteria between teeth
  • ✓ 29% more effective than string flossing*
  • ✓ 3 cleaning modes + 3 cleaning tips
  • ✓ Dentist fresh clean every time

When it comes to maintaining a good oral hygiene routine it is imperative you clean your teeth and gums as thoroughly as possible in order to reduce the risk of plaque and bacteria build up - this is where using a water flosser comes in!

A water flosser can reach into areas of the gums a toothbrush or dental floss simply cannot get to - a trial study showed water flossers to be 29% more effective at removing plaque than string flossing.*

Using a water flosser each day helps flush away loose dental bacteria before it can calcify into tartar, which in turn, can help prevent periodontal disease and other gum related problems.

TheSonicStream is a water flosser with a difference - it features the latest dental hygiene technology to ensure a deep clean whilst still being gentle on your teeth & gums.

TheSonicStream features 3 cleaning modes (low, high and pulse) and comes with 3different cleaning tips. This allows you to clean deeper and with more care than using any traditional toothbrush or dental floss.

The ultrafine jet column can be aimed with accuracy using our 360° rotable cleaning tips which will leave your teeth and gums feeling dentist fresh every time.


The Benefits of Water Flossing

There are 3 main benefits to using a water flosser over traditional string flossing (or just trying to brush harder with a toothbrush!).

1 - A water flosser can reach areas in and around the gum line which string flossing cannot get to.

Studies have shown water flossing to be 29% more effective at removing plaque than string flossing.

It has also been shown that water flossing can clean up to 7mm below the gum line compared to string flossing which can only reach 2-3mm. This means that there is a greater chance of leaving bacteria to breed in deeper periodontal gum pockets which can in turn lead to gum disease.

2. A water flosser is powerful yet gentle on the teeth and gums

The ultra-fine jet column from a water flosser has enough force to dislodge bacteria and grime, yet it is still gentle on the teeth and gums. TheSonicStream has 3 cleaning modes to ensure you can select the correct pressure for your level of gum sensitivity.

Dental floss has been shown to damage teeth through regular use - it can erode the enamel on teeth as well as cause the gum line to recede.

3. It feels dentist-fresh good!

Using a water flosser will be the best move you make in upgrading your oral care routine. Quite simply put - you will have a dentist fresh clean every time you use it; a feeling you won't otherwise get from using string floss or just a toothbrush

Technical Specification

Tank Capacity: 240ml
Battery: 1400mAh Lithium Battery
Charging Time: 3 Hours
Charging Method: Type-C
Battery Life: 60 Days
Input: DC5V, 1A
Water Pressure: 2.5g-14.4g (21-122 PSI)
Pulse Frequency: 1200-1800 times/min Waterproof: IPX7

Designed in the U.K.
Made in PRC

Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping and Free Returns.

We hope you love your Sonic Dental device as much as we do, but for peace of mind we offer a 100 day hassle free return policy.

We offer free returns. Please see returns policy for more information.

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Precision Cleaning at Home

Rotatable Nozzle
21 -122 PSI Water Jet
Large 240ml Detachable Tank
60 Day Battery Life
IPX7 Waterproof
3 Cleaning Modes

How It Works


Plaque and bacteria build up in hard-to-reach pockets around the teeth and gums 


The SonicStream provides an ultrafine water jet with 3 pressure modes and 3 cleaning nozzles


A professional level deep clean every day and improves oral hygiene.

  • Standard Nozzle

    Ultra-fine water jet designed for daily use to help deep clean plaque and bacteria from the gum line in areas string floss simply can't reach.

  • Plaque Brush Tip

    Designed to help clean the enamel of the tooth in those harder to reach areas. The water jet alongside the fine brush tip are the perfect supplement to traditional brushing to remove stubborn plaque build up.

  • Tongue Cleaning Tip

    The water jet is dispersed over the wider tip to help clean food debris and bacteria from the tongue promoting overall better oral health.

  • 1

    Fill the Tank


    Install the Nozzle


    Select Cleaning Mode and Clean!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is water flossing better than string flossing?

The short answer is yes - without question! 

A clinical study was run which showed water flossing to remove up to 29% more plaque than string flossing. Water flossing gently penetrates up to 7mm below the gum line whereas string flossing typically reaches 2-3mm.

Water flossing is very effective, yet gentle on your teeth and gums. String flossing can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth and can cause the gums to recede. 

Is it easy to use?

Yes - you simply fill the water tank, attach the cleaning tip and select your cleaning mode. 

The nozzle rotates 360 degrees so you will find it easy to direct the water column into those hard-to-reach places.

My teeth are sensitive - does it hurt?

No - it does not hurt to use a water flosser. 

Additionally, there are 3 cleaning modes with varying degrees of pressure to ensure you can choose what is right for you if you do have sensitive teeth.

I wear an aligner / retainer - can I use this?

Absolutely! This is the perfect addition to your oral hygiene routine if you wear any dental appliance. Water flossing is highly effective, yet gentle at the same time and gives you a dentist-fresh feeling after each use.

How is it powered?

The SonicStream uses a USB cable to charge the lithium battery. Charging time is 3 hours and it lasts 60 days.

What's in the box?

The Flosser bundle contains:

1 x SonicStream Portable Water Flosser
1 x USB Charging Cable
2 x Standard Cleaning Nozzles
1 x Plaque Brush Tip
1 x Tongue Cleaning Tip