Steribrite™ is a pioneering development in bringing clinical grade cleaning technology into your home. It is the go-to for all my clients. Dr. Sable Staller DDS, MS

  • Developed for Dental Appliances

    Our innovative Steribrite™ Dual Action Cleaning Technology was developed in conjunction with Dental Professionals and brings clinical grade dental cleaning into your home.

  • Our Proprietary Technology

    Steribrite™ combines high frequency 43,000Hz Ultrasonic waves with U.V-C light to not only clean your Dental Appliance, but kill 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

  • Simple, Hygienic & Hassle Free

    A sparkling clean and germ-free Dental Appliance in just 5 minutes at the touch of a button.

Clinical grade cleaning to dislodge grime and dirt in those hard-to-reach places without damaging your Dental Appliance.

The Sonic Spa creates millions of nano-scale ‘cavitation’ bubbles which allows for a deeper clean of your dental appliance on a microscopic level.

The Sonic Spa incorporates powerful U.V-C light cleaning technology (the U.V-C wavelength is 260-280 nm (nanometers)).

U.V-C light is the most effective at sterilizing surfaces due to its shorter and more powerful wavelength. The U.V-C light emitted from The Sonic Spa is absorbed and then breaks the DNA's chemical bond and deactivates the bacteria, virus or pathogen ensuring a sterile Dental Appliance.

A recent study was completed which found that using an Ultrasonic cleaning device was significantly more efficient at removing microorganisms than more traditional methods such as water and chemical solution. See Report

vs. Toothbrush
Toothbrush Lab Results #1
  • Toothbrush fails to clean in crevices of Dental Appliance.
  • Toothbrush does not sterilize Dental Appliance
  • Toothbrush damages integrity of Dental Appliance
  • Process is laborious and messy
vs. Cleaning Tablets
Tablets Lab Results #1
  • Tablets fail to clean Dental Appliance efficiently
  • Tablet's effect can be caustic and damage Dental Appliance
  • Tablets are not lab tested and proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria

The device has been lab tested against various forms of fungus and bacteria - including E.Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans - and has been shown to kill 99.9% of them.

Please see tables to the right from lab testing reports GZF22-022410-01 and GZF22-022410-02

1. Test time: 5 Minutes
2. The sterilization is carried out in accordance with the product instruction
3. *The calculation formula of Killing Rate is [(A-B)/A]*100%