Sonic Spa Pro v. Other Ultrasonic Cleaning Devices

Sonic Dental vs. Branded Pods & Other Ultrasonic Cleaners

How is Sonic Dental different from other brands? What is the difference between the Sonic Spa Pro and other ultrasonic cleaning devices?

It is understandable - when looking to invest in the best ultrasonic cleaning device for your dental appliance - that you assess your options carefully. 

The Sonic Spa Pro has a number of demonstrable differences from branded alternatives and other generic ultrasonic cleaners on the market - the key points are listed below:

1) Steribrite® - proprietary cleaning technology which combines 43,000 Hz ultrasonic frequency with U.V-C light to both clean and sterilize your dental appliance 

2) Development & Engineering - the Sonic Spa Pro has been exclusively developed in the U.K. alongside dental professionals and product design specialists. The device has been specifically engineered to clean and sterilize a multitude of dental appliances utilizing the best in class cleaning technology as well as looking sleek and compact. 

3) Price - the Sonic Spa Pro is competitively priced. Whilst it is slightly more expensive than some generic cleaners it is cheaper than others which lack the design, engineering and functional capabilities of the Sonic Spa Pro.

4) 100 Day Returns Guarantee - you have 100 days from receiving your Sonic Spa Pro to request a return. We also offer free returns. T&Cs apply 

The following infographic breaks down the differences between the Sonic Spa Pro, other ultrasonic cleaners on the market and the benefits of using over a toothbrush or sterilizing tablet:

Sonic Spa Pro
Other Ultrasonic Devices
Sterilising Tablet
Steribrite® Dual Action Cleaning Technology
High Frequency 43,000Hz Ultrasonic Waves
U.V-C Light Disinfection (260-280 nanometers)
Destroys 99.9% of bacteria, pathogens and viruses
Designed & engineered in the U.K. specifically for dental appliances
2 Cleaning Modes: Normal & Deep Clean functionality
Portable/Travel Friendly
Sterilizes Dental Appliances
Lab Tested Sterilization Results
Auto shut down to prevent water overheating
Insulated walls to prevent device overheating
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