Cleaning your dental appliance

Caring For Your Dental Appliance

Your ultimate guide to caring for aligners, retainers, whitening trays and more.

From whitening to straightening and everything else in between, more and more of us are choosing to make over our smiles.  Technology has made it easier and more accessible than ever before.  In fact, over 12 million people across the world have used Invisalign to straighten out their teeth alone.

Of course, these treatments aren’t cheap, so it’s really important that we look after our dental appliances to ensure we get the most out of them.  But how well are you looking after yours?  Read on as we share our ultimate guide to looking after your dental appliance.

Firstly, what is a dental appliance?

There are several different types of removable dental appliances, including retainers, whitening trays, aligners, nightguards and gum shields.  Some of us will just use one kind, some of us will use more.


Clear braces, like Invisalign, created from moulds or digital scans of your teeth, designed to straighten out a crooked smile

Whitening trays

Custom-made trays, sometimes know as bleaching trays that fit around your teeth and are used to whiten your teeth at home


Representing the last phase of orthodontic treatment, these custom-made appliances made of thin wire and plastic hold straightened teeth in place while they adjust to their new position.


Also known as bruxism appliances, occlusal splints, occlusal guards, bite splints or bite guards.  These are worn over the teeth while sleeping to protect from grinding or clenching.

Gum Shields

Also known as mouthguards, these appliances are used to cover the teeth and gums and protect them from injury in case of impact during contact sports like hockey, lacrosse and football.

Snore Guards

Worn whilst sleeping, these dental appliances are designed to help to reduce snoring.

Why do I need to clean my dental appliance?

Over 6 billion bacteria live inside your mouth, of which there are more than 700 different species!  Some are healthy and actually help to protect the mouth, but there are also harmful bacteria that are known to cause cavities and disease.  Together, these nasty bacteria form a community called biofilm, or plaque - that slimy film on your teeth when you wake up in the morning.

Whichever dental appliance you use, it sits insides your mouth and up against your teeth so harmful bacteria and plaque can quickly build up.  Just like we brush our teeth twice a day, it’s super important that we also treat our dental appliances with the same care and attention.  

What happens if I don’t clean my dental appliance?

If you don’t clean your appliance, you might notice they begin to taste and smell unpleasant.  You might notice a film across the surface and your appliance will begin to look cloudy.  You might even notice unsightly white spots forming on the surface; this is caused by plaque solidifying.  Just as bacteria can damage the teeth, it can also damage your dental appliance including cracking and breaking.

And it’s not just your dental appliance that can suffer.  Bacteria and plaque build up on your dental appliance can cause gum disease, dental decay and oral thrush. Obviously not what you signed up for when you paid all that money for your Hollywood smile.

How can I clean my dental appliance?

Fortunately, keeping your dental appliance clean doesn’t have to take much time or effort.  With the Sonic Spa Pro, you can enjoy dental grade cleaning at home at the touch of a button.  

No scrubbing necessary; just place your dental appliance in The Sonic Spa, add water, close the lid and press go!  Thanks to it’s cutting edge ultrasonic technology and clever in-built UV light, you can be sure of a sparkling clean dental appliance, free from 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 minutes, every time.  Simple!

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